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Say it ain't so

miyeko IMed me the unfortunate news that SG-1 has been cancelled by the Sci-Fi channel. I'm all for the inevitable campaign to save it, as I said two years ago: "It will probably go two more years, though there are at least four more of stories before it lapses into warmed-over cheese." I have a feeling its time has finally come, though. Before proceeding directly to the wake, and to questions about where Black, Bridges, Judge, Shanks, Tapping et al. will go next: where are Anderson and other alumni of the show?

Here's hoping Stargate: Atlantis has legs. Even though the last few episodss have impressed me about as much as the late first and second season of Enterprise, I think there's potential for developing the Wraith meta-arc into something epic, cf. Babylon 5. Are they up for it? I doubt it, as there are not too many Straczynskis and Whedons writing for sci-fi these days. You never know, though.

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