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Jawed Karim: good for him!

I just saw last night that Jawed Karim is a co-founder of YouTube!

Back in 1998, I interviewed Jawed for an undergraduate reearch programmer position in the group zurich31, alpenglow and I all worked for. Even then he came with great recommendations and credentials.

In the end, my boss passed him over because he was a new freshman, much to the regret of Eugene Grois and myself. Still, I guessed that someday soon, Jawed was going places.

And so he has - first to Nullsoft as one of thair development leads, now to YouTube! Good for him!

He's not the only famous U of I alum of his cohort, either. There was Luke Nosek, who jellybeanzulu might know; Luke took CS 125 when I was a TA, and he and Max Levchin went on to found PayPal. One of PayPal/eBay's data mining managers, Nathan Gettings, was my chief programmer. Nathan's friend and old IMSA classmate Yu Pan had been on the starting lineup for PayPal and is one of my alumni, too.

In other news:

  • taiji_jian has a GJ! "For pics and styles," he says, yet he's already gotten an RSS feed courtesy of jereeza. (I'd have given him one, but I've been tearing my hair out over K-State Online and errors. Come one, come all!

  • Microsoft Office 2003 Pro using up an activation each time I reinstall - due to registry corruption or instability, mind you - just adds insult to injury.

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