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Return of the Garthim

Today was the kickoff meeting of our Arthropod Genomics Center. The introductions were made by Sue Brown, our lead PI, and some of the other principals:

  • Rollie Clem for the grants committee

  • Roman Ganta for the curriculum committee

  • Mike Smith for the seminar committee

  • Rob Denell for the symposium committee

Our venue was the Purple Pride Room of the K-State Alumni Center, one that evokes the (lower four) Tower Rooms of the Beckman Institute. Let me just say that the Alumni Center does seem an excellent investment, and will see useful life far beyond its pure fundraising purposes - especially when people start to realize what a nice resource we have for meetings.

This brings me to five Targeted Excellence projects on which I have varying degrees of involvement: Bioinformatics (2004), Global Research on Water-based Economies (2004), Ecological Genomics (2005), Sensor Networks (2005), and Arthropod Genomics (2006). It's a lot to have one one's plate, but of course the bioinformatics ones are intervoven.

Tags: biology, genomics, infrastructure, kansas state, meetings, planning, targeted excellence

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