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Computer problems: The Revenge of Thunderbird

The important thing is to keep the White Tree burning.

What have I been doing, you ask? Teaching! Writing proposals! Working on papers!
IOW, everything I should be doing.
But what has that done for my systems? Ah, the ruins of Osgiliath.

Thanks to all who have helped with previous ones, which I posted on:

Thanks to k00m for replying last week.

Here's my fortnightly update:

Now for the new questions. This week is an all-Thunderbird week!

Safe list and block list editing

Does anyone know of plug-ins for Mozilla Thunderbird that would let me set up and build a safe list (whitelist) and block list (blacklist) on one computer, then export it to others?

Junk mail filters: training and rule export

In the same vein: my junk mail filters are learning too slowly on all systems, but especially on my "non-primary" systems (everything besides Hirilonde: Laurelin, Numerramar, Osse, Telperion, and Tulkas). Is there any way to export my spam filter rules from Hirilonde, or better yet, coalesce rules through a centralized service? (Yeah, I'm not holding my breath on the latter.)

Free POP utilities for Hotmail

I'm trying to set Hotmail/Live Mail up for export to GMail, but it doesn't have forwarding. Last year, I tried some of the commercial utilities such as Hotmail Popper, but not only are the free versions time-limited (or bandwidth-limited) trials, they seem to be very brittle.

I'd need to grab some 20000 messages (13% of a 2Gb inbox) right off the bat, if it is possible to do so without deleting them from my Live Mail account. If not, I'd like to only grab new messages, but I'd like to do so automatically and transparently (e.g., with a utility that runs every 15 minutes or on-demand and "puts" the messages up on GMail).

Want to see something funny?

I changed LJ styles to Expressive, which shows tags in a font scaled according to salience. This says it all:

Left: Viewed in Internet Explorer 7 Beta 3.
Right: Viewed in Mozilla Firefox

Tags: computer problems, computer questions, computer software, e-mail, mozilla thunderbird

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