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"Bugs" and "software incompatibilities"

An interesting debate with taiji_jian this morning in #teunc was tabled for my afternoon meeting with zengeneral, but it raised a couple of points that I think are generally interesting and relevant for everyone earning a degree in a computer science or computing field, including software engineering.

One point of contention was whether the fact that a kernel is hopelessly bloated and closed-source absolves application developers of certain compatibility faults. Just as Dijkstra said we shouldn't refer to programmer errors as "bugs" because it takes responsibility off the shoulders of those accountable for program correctness, I think "incompatibilities" should generally be referred to as collaborative errors.

In other news: Praise to zengeneral for fixing my Mozilla Firefox plug-in problem and remembering to defrag my hard drive to salubrious effect, and to Travis Bradshaw for finding the software patch to enable hibernation again on Hirilonde.

Tags: computer science, debates, software engineering

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