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Sounds and Visions

Let's start with this rendition of "Dragostea Din Tei" by the Romanian pop band O-Zone, posted in Youtuber form by inever. (Yes! Blame her! I looped it. Ying tong ying tong ying tong ying tong ying tong iddle i po!)

For a moment I thought it was a web-camming kid trading on Ghyslain Raza's notoriety, but as with the Star Wars kid before him, it's not clear that he knew his video was bound for posterity. Tripitaka responded to my posting of the link in TEUNC with a question that I am sure has plagued many:
But how is it that the young man can make his mouth assume such perfect trapezoidal shapes?

Look at him! A mystery for the ages.

Now, if you thought that was homemade, check this out. LOL! Thai people: so excitable! I think I teunce harder in my sleep. :-D

Actually, to be fair, they went to town in the end. The chubby kid in the front has some funny expressions, too. Any resemblance to somebody you know is entirely intentional! ;-)

Now, no pop song parody video collection would be complete without a total abrogation of linguistic and semiotic barriers! YES!

This is my kind of DDT video. *crazy hobbit love*

And that HSN/QVC spoof? Pure brilliance, clearly from someone who's watched it before.
"Somebody please take this obnoxiously twee thing off our hands!" LOL.

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