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Got to admit it's getting better

When it comes to cooling, air is definitely better than wood.

Well, I've got to admit it's getting better... it's getting better all the time.

Thanks to all who have helped with previous ones, which I posted on:

Here's my fortnightly update:

GMail Forward Filtering

Certain e-mail messages are getting filtered out of GMail forwarding: mailing lists confirmations, carbon copied messages from other GMail addresses, etc. They appear in the first account in my forwarding chain, but at some point in the chain, they stop being forwarded. They don't appear in any spam folders, and I can't find any white list feature to let them through.

Has anyone else experienced something this? Are the messages really not being forwarded, or are they being blocked?

Oddly enough, when I don't copy myself on the first message in a thread, it comes through in the POP folder, but doesn't appear in the GMail folder as the start of a "conversation" (thread) until and unless someone replies to it.

Instability on Hirilonde: ATI drivers?

I'm still having a lot of bluescreens on Hirilonde - about once a day on average, sometimes more often. Firefox crashes 3-6 times a day and takes Hirilonde with it about one in 4-5 crashes.

zengeneral recommended that I get newer drivers for my integrated ATI Mobility Radeon X300 card, but I haven't found anything that works and is definitely more recent than the drivers available from Dell.

Fast restore:

Since Hirilonde is crashing so often, I'd at least like to be able to restore its running state quickly and automatically. Specifically, I'd like to:

  • Boot quickly

  • Lock window positions and sizes so that they are restored precisely (e.g., I size Firefox and IE so they take up the left half of Hirilonde's screen and Mozilla, Penguinet, and Thunderbird so that they take up the right half)

  • Restore tabs without Tab Mix Plus or Tabbrowser Extensions (Tabbrowser Extensions seems to increase the frequency of crashing and Tab Mix Plus was killing tabs altogether on Hirilonde at least in Firefox

Any ideas?

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