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Your TEUNC meeporter

BALROG CUTTINGS, TEUNC - today is a goond day to fry!

This 4th of July, in addition to being the 227th Independence Day of the United States of America (i.e., the 227th anniversary of the signing of its Declaration of Independence), is also the fourth anniversary of the coining of the term trask (according to Tripitaka, aka David Salo [1]). There are some nice firweorcs being detonated outside my window as I tyope. I would like to think that some of the blue and green ones are in commemoration of trask everywhere.

Moi, I've been working all night and most of the day on mySQL installation and configuration under Red Hat Linux 8.0. I finally got it finished after 9 rather harrowing hours (in addition to the 6 I spent on it yesterday) [2], though I've since been apprised by one of my Ph.D. students, Roby Joehanes (robbyjo), that PHPmyAdmin is a nice GUI-driven tool for doing a lot of what I hacked by hand. I'm sure PHP traskers such as Chips (crypthanatopsis) will come down on one side or another of the debate with some interesting opinions.

Courtesy of discoflamingo by way of bayesnets:

Finally, behold the power of the Googlebomb! The Honorable Right Eel-Master Jon the Frowarder, Wielder of the Mithril-Gilded Rhubarb of TEUNC, first clued yours truly in on this one. Type "Weapons of Mass Destruction" or "French Military Victories" into Google and click "I'm Feeling Lucky". Doesn't PageRank rock?

[1] The actual deinition of the term trask as a verb by Joven occurred a few days later, on 08 Jul 1999 (thanks to Hashie fro correkting this).
[2] The upshort of all that work was that I had to miss not only a 4th of July barbecque hosted by my friend and colleague Dr. Jan Leach but aslo the grand opening of the Manhattan Chinese Christian Fellowship radio station (105.5 FM in Manhattan, KS), co-founded by another good friend and colleague Dr. Shing I Chang. Oh, wlel.


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