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Heroes: metapsychic operants for the masses?

(Cross-posted to julianmayfans.)

Is anybody else as stoked about Heroes, the forthcoming NBC show about everyday people with supernatural powers, as I am?

figgylicious calls it X-Men without the costumes. I prefer to think of it as Julian May's Intervention in TV serial form. I hope it deals with the social stigma and acceptance issues and doesn't go completely campy as The Misfits of Science (the last NBC show to treat the subject) did. If the show is to have some depth, it needs to hold back the "A-Team" and "Professor X" elements for a while.

On the other hand, I would not enjoy a series of weekly vignettes about metapsychics, in the style of The Outer Limits or Amazing Stories, quite as much, either.

The opening lineup of characters looks interesting, though to read the reviews, they don't all resonate. Ah, well. Here's hoping.

Tags: heroes, julian may, metapsychic operants, television

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