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Work ethic: sic transit gloria mundi?

How did it ever get this bad?

Every year we get a crop of new students. By and large, and modulo some small drift, they aren't smarter or dumber than the previous year's cohort. We start training them, advise them (insofar as we may) on taking courses and doing projects, we get a finished crop that is, one hopes, competent at some aspects of computer science.

Since about three years ago, though, I'm starting to see a severe disconnect between learning and reading. Apathy is at record levels. Laziness sems worse; background, weak. What's worse, there's that same "assiduously anti-intellectual" stance on the part of just a few people that I once attributed to a swing of the socially liberal/conservative pendulum.

The truth of the matter, though, is that I'd be hard pressed to explain to an alien visitor who had last come here a couple of decades ago what is going on right now.

Any ideas? (Your mileage may vary.)

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