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Compare and contrast

Three computer problem posts this month! It's a rarity, and that's a fact.

Thanks to all who have helped with previous issues, which I posted on:

Here's my fortnightly update:

  • 1. GMail Forward Filtering: I haven't found anything that works, so for now, I'm just cc'ing one GMail from a different one (by changing senders in Thunderbird).

  • 2. Instability on Hirilonde: ATI drivers?: Windows Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) connections to Osse have let me run two browsers on that system, eliminating a good 3/4 of my bluescreens, so I'm OK for now on this issue.

  • 3. Fast restore: While the need is less pressing now, I'd still love to find out more about fast restore options.

Two-button mouse and 104-key keyboard emulation

Does anyone know how to emulate a two-button mouse or a 104-key keyboard using a single-button "puck" Mac mouse or an old-generation iMac G3 keyboard?

Offsite backups

Does anyone use a cheap or free service for offsite backups, such as GMail with the GMail drive extension?

Batch mode file transfers from Windows Mobile 5 device

The digital camera I took photos with at the Mid-Autumn Festival is built into Angrist, my Audiovox PPC-6700. It took quite a long time to transfer the photos one-by-one to the desktop of Hirilonde (running WinXP Pro). Does anyone know of a batch transfer utility, or at least an in-place archival utility that would let me zip up directories and transfer a zip file?

As you can see, the camera works much better under natural lighting than the artificial kind:

There's also a lot of blocking in zoomed-in images. This one was taken at 2.0x digital zoom:


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