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The name of the wose

State of the courses: I'm hearing some positive (second-hand) feedback about the organization and content of my AI and database courses this fall, which is a good sign. People still say I'm going too fast. That's clearly true in CIS 730 (Principles of Artificial Intelligence), but I'm not sure what to do about that in CIS 560 (Database System Concepts). I've actually added a little content (on CSPs and Prolog) to AI, but I've pared the DB course down as far as it will go without being Video Professor Teaches DBMS.

I'm a little concerned about attendance and class participation, but that's a rant for another day.

In other news: We need a semiotician or classical linguist at Kansas State for the comptranslation project. I've been looking for someone from English, but perhaps I should be checking with Philosophy for a semiotics specialist? Someone who's been down Arts and Sciences way at K-State (or has a spouse or SO who has): any suggestions?

Tags: courses, linguistics, machine translation, research, semiotics, students, teaching

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