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Jin looks up

I find this season of Lost more like Season 1 (intriguing, absorbing, revitalized in the good aspects of character development and interpersonal dynamics) than Season 2 (self-absorbed, navel-gazing, frustrating, pretentious, and unnecessarily mysterious without moving the plot). What do you all think?

So, that is what Jin has been doing in this icon: looking up to see the cuckold's horns under that fisherman's hat.

Hey, but at least Sun got to shoot a random Other. That'll teach people to say "you won't shoot me; I know you". Bam. You don't know me, maaaaaaan.

Despite my overall good impressions of Season 3, I have to agree with figgylicious on one point: it's stultifyingly bent on assassinating every character. The more we watch, the more we realize how horrid the main characters are. Nobody is left unsullied. Now, it might be possible to salvage or redeem some characters - Charlie, Eko, Sayid, and Desmond, for example - but do we want to? With Locke, Kate, and Sawyer, it's almost as if the writers expect people to have "teflon memories" to which nothing sticks! Add Jin's futile brooding and Jack's vacillation between macho pride and obsessive whinging to the mix, and you almost want to start cheering for the Others.

I wouldn't be surprised if some viewers already are.

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