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The red umbrella: normal and meta-human relations

Nissan Versa desu!

OK, that was cool.

Hiro and Ando stole the show. The entire sidekick plot is just so full of exuberance and adventure that it's lovely. I love the feeling of anticipation in "protagonist team" sci fi. The epic feeling is hit or miss, but the sense of deepening mystery is excellent, and spot on. Someday not too soon, though, the trail is going to lead to a growth experience for Hiro that Ando cannot share. The whole role reversal setup, with Ando currently a "big brother" figure for Hiro the sweet naif, is brilliant, and I look forward to seeing it deepen and come to an eventual resolution.

What we're bound to see, of course, is a stark contrast between every Talent and Normal in the series. Cases in point are Matt (the cop) and his partner, and Peter (the nurse and the politician's brother) with Simone. Whether or not the latter ends up playing out as a love triangle with Isaac (the prescient artist whom Simone just dumped), I think you'll see much of the dramatic tension coming from relationships between "those who can save the world" and "those who can but watch and wait". Those of you who have read McCaffrey's Saga of the Talents or May's Intervention and Galactic Milieu trilogy: think back to those crises that threatened humanity, even to the point of lesser Talents being helpless (cf. the rescue of Caledonia in Diamond Mask).

The Claire plot shows how a very physical talent such as self-healing tends to condition its owner to use it in physical ways: walking into fire, taking extreme risks, etc. Of course, she never expected the attempted rape, nor the "attempted" murder; however, I predict that we'll see more of a morality play in how she takes risks (potentially risking the lives of comrades, more fragile than her own) than is contained in her revenge.

Finally, with every group of "special" people comes the inevitable risk of a witch hunt. As these people are discovering the most fantastic gifts ever to exist in their world, I think that witch hunt will come sooner rather than later. Its seeds, of course, are already sown in Chandra Suresh's story; but the backlash from the 99.9999% of normal humanity has yet to be observed.

A question, crossposted from julianmayfans, for those of you who have read Intervention and the Galactic Milieu Trilogy (Jack the Bodiless, Diamond Mask, Magnificat):

The villain Sylar on Heroes seems to be some kind of a metapsychic predator. In some ways he variously resembles Fury, Victor Remillard, and Kieran O'Connor, though it's too soon to tell what role he actually fulfills. Like Sylar, all of them are first- or second-generation operants whose motivation to dominate and kill others makes them a menace and the "black sheep" of the metapsychic world.

Fury: a powerful meta turned into a monster despite the efforts of the weaker (or in this case suboperant) mentor; may view younger metas as enemies; "hunger" for operants (lifeforce?)
Victor: ditto, plus an apparently murderous rage towards other metas replacing an initial wish to turn them to his will rather than see them form into a society
Kieran: self-discovered; attempts a global rise to power through control of operant lackeys

The decerebration of Isaac in the future timeline in S1x02 reminds me of the prehistoric Poltroyans' practice of brain cannibalization, but it would also seem to indicate that Sylar, or whoever the killer is, has some ability to make use of metas' brains.


  • Claire's revenge: I saw it coming at the end of S1x03 before she revived.

  • The Mohinder plot: I get it! "Mo' hindered"! Um, no? Then why is he like that? :-P Seriously: Charles Xavier and Denis Remillard he ain't. I'm all for egalitarianism, but a Talent leading Talents is a natural thing. You wouldn't have the Justice League or the Metapsychic Congress being chaired by a normal, so what's up with that?

  • Peter's being a "Rogue" (talent emulator): the question of the hour is whether he temporarily subsumes metapsychic abilities, taking them away from their owners, or simply copies. The whole business with Nathan dropping him at the end of S1x01 "Genesis" suggests the former to me.

Also: I want to know why nobody has done a vid or filk of "Hey Nakamura" to the tune of "Hey Macarena" yet.

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