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The knowledge clientele and "acceptable expectations"

Apropos of our continuing discussion treating adult students as such: how much do students really know what is good for them, as far as workload and expectations are concerned?

I ask because I'm sure that I've earned the reputation (for better or for worse) of having high expectations. On the plus side, this means I have acceptably high standards and am less likely to turn out "Jaywalker bait" into the CS/IT industry. I call this "keeping our name out of the dumb columns". On the minus side, I've been called a slave driver (though only in Chinese to my face, when the speaker didn't think I could understand; that was amusing).

rsmit212 showed me a comic strip once that concluded, "where knowledge is the commodity, the customer is always wrong". That's a clever notion, but how true is it?

I'm really looking for discussion, BTW, not just validation or critique. Some of the best insights I have gotten from my blog have been through dialogue, sometimes debates between second and third parties that I am only involved in as a bystander or facilitator.

Tags: education, pedagogy, students, teaching

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