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Waste knot, want knot

Aaargh. I just lost about 15 minutes of writing (I write LJ entries rather slowly and deliberately, fro lal that I tyope) because I accidentally clicked a left frame link ("Your Pictures") and I hadn't saved. Yahoo! Groups and LJ comments also have this problem, which is why I lawaz copy-to-clipboard in an obssessive-compulsive fashion (and sometimes even save really long and thought-out entries to a local text file).

Would you recommend that I switch to using an LJ client application? If so, which one(s), for which platform(s)?

In other news:
Behold, the power of caffeine.
andrewwyld has started writing sonnets. The one he psotted to his LJ today is rather good.

I wish I had time to write more, including poetry, lyrics, and especially fiction (primarily SF), but right now, all I have time for is mind-numbingly technical writing (technical reports and journal papers). Even my short writeups (workshops and conference papers, which count as refereed publications in computer science) and creative nonfiction (proposals) have to adhere to fairly strict and rigid guidelines. Given that the latter are produced during the interesting stage of research, proposals and short papers should be fun, or at least exciting, to write! In order to make them easier to read and more palatable to reviewers, I've had to voluntarily undergo vocabulary reduction surgery. Personally, I feel that's a little ironic, for specialized conference papers if not for grant proposals. Oh, well.

Coda: guess wot?

Read-only mode
This journal is in read-only mode right now while database maintenance is performed on the server where the journal is located. Try again in several minutes.

Thank Eru fro obssessive-compulsive disorder. It'd have been another 15 minutes down the drain if I hadn't copied this. I was not expecting another data loss. If you have seen me teuncing and cahtting and wonder why I'd care about 30 spare minutes, let me tell you: you prolly haven't seen how much work I (have to) do from 01:00 to 03:00 these days.


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