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KansasBio Day of Bioscience

Kansas Day of Innovation:
"KansasBio State of the Bioscience State"
Dinner & Forum

-Thursday, September 7, 2006-

We invite you to attend our Kansas Bioscience Day dinner -- featuring a panel discussion: "KansasBio State of the Bioscience State." The panel forum will be the capstone celebration of a day-long event in Wichita, September 7th, 2006.

During dinner, our distinguished panel of bio-scientists and business leaders will take the stage to discuss the state of the bioscience industry in Kansas. This is an exiting time in this rapidly-growing industry, where new scientific advancements are developing daily, providing an unprecedented opportunity for Kansans to participate in growing our future economy!! We hope to see you there!

When: Thursday, September 7, 7:00 pm
Where: Wichita Marriott, 9100 Corporate Hills Drive,
Hotel Reservations: 800-610-0673 ($89 rate for KansasBio)
Cost: KansasBio members -- $30/person or $300/table
Non-members -- $50/person or $500/table

Table sponsors will be recognized in our program. Please note the 5:30pm cocktail reception is included with your reservation! You can't beat cocktails and dinner at this price, so bring a friend!!

NOTE: We will hold a public forum and board of directors meeting the following day, Friday, September 8, at the Kansas State Fair in Hutchinson (in air conditioning)!! Click here for info about Sept 8.

What do you think? It sounds commercial, all right. I'm planning to put together a poster, but I'm more interested in what you bioinformaticians and computational biologists-in-training think of state-level biotech organizations such as KansasBio. Are they worth joining? Why or why not?

(Note, BTW, that it's They must have paid a pretty penny for the expo web site.)

Tags: bioinformatics, commercialization, kansasbio, technology transfer

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