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Heroes is quickly becoming my new favorite show, gaining ground on Battlestar Galactica week by week.

What have we learned from this episode?

  • The dreamer at the window is always apt to see you land.

  • Telepathy makes one better in bed. Well, duh. What Women Want underscores this point quite well, as do Paul Remillard's 38 (acknowledged) children, which incidentally rivals the count of Oberon of Amber.

  • Expectations about Internet personae can lead the idealist astray. Also, there is no friendship as poignant as that between an overt idealist (such as Hiro) and a covert idealist (such as Ando). Edit, 06:00 CST Mon 17 Nov 2006: Oh, and wikipedians will very pragmatically link "[[cam whore|act online]]".

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