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Nanot No Nano (this year)

First, I wish all who are doing Nanowrimo 2006 the best of luck!

Second, I've decided to skip Nano this year, as I have too much work and professional (technical) writing to do. Excerpts and whole draft sections of my novels in progress from 2004 and 2005 are posted at tanelos.

Third, I just tried the Nanowrimo donation system, and I wanted to mention that it has a very fast and convenient Paypal option, for those of you who are also busy and don't wish to haul out credit cards and write checks.

Fourth and finally, I will be posting useful utilities (such as the Zokutou meter mirror I created last November) here. Other than that, I'll mostly comment and cheer folks from the sidelines.

I'll be back for Nanowrimo 2007, in all probability.

All the best,
Nano 2004 & 2005 alum
Tags: nanowrimo, nanowrimo 2006

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