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In lieu of Nanowrimo, which I completed in 2004 and 2005, I've decided to (informally) make this month Kansas Paper Writing Month. I have a couple of proposals, 2-3 conference papers, one journal paper, and a book draft that I'm working on!

The first of these is an journal abstract due late this month that I'm still working on. The other conference papers are due in December and January. A book draft I am working on pwas supposed to go in towards the end of spring, but there's no actual deadline. One of the proposals is due in February and the other has yet to be attached to a solicitation.

ETA, 11:05 CDT Sat 18 Nov 2006 - Originally, I was aiming for a EuroGP 2007 paper and perhaps an EvoStar workshop paper, but time got a little tight for collecting the blog_sociology results that martinsamuel, pnvtejaswi, zetos, and weninger are working on with me.

Tags: grant writing, papers, research, work, writing

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