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Vienna Teng at K-State Festival of Nations

(Cross-posted from viennateng.)

Today was the first time I've heard Vienna Teng in concert. She played the k_state campus today as part of our Festival of Nations!

From noon to 1pm, she played 13 songs:

  • 1. Gravity - Waking Hour (2002)
    "I'd like to start with a song I wrote when I was in college." As many of you know, Vienna was a pre-med at Stanford and switched to computer science, earning a B.S. degree and working as a Java developer for Cisco for two years before leaving the IT industry to focus on her music career full-time.

  • 2. The Tower - Waking Hour (2002)

  • 3. Brothers on a Hotel Bed - a cover of a song by Death Cab For Cutie

  • 4. Whatever You Want - Dreaming Through The Noise (2006)
    "This is a song from my latest CD, which came out this summer. It's not a happy song... it's about a working man who hates his boss, and also about being unhappy in marriage. So, all around, it isn't an upbeat song, though the tune is upbeat..."

  • 5. Blue Caravan - Dreaming Through The Noise (2006)

  • 6. Shasta (Carrie's Song) - Warm Strangers (2004)

  • 7. Now Three - Dreaming Through The Noise (2006)
    "I don't know if dancing's a big thing at K-State, but when I was in college, there was big swing dance and ballroom dancing community. This is a waltz I wrote in those days."

  • 8. My Medea - Warm Strangers (2004)

  • 9. Unwritten Letter #1 - Waking Hour (2002)

  • 10. I Don't Feel So Well - Dreaming Through The Noise (2006)
    "I'm not a jazz pianist, by any stretch of the imagination, but here is a jazz-inspired piece, and thank you in advance."

  • 11. Harbor - Warm Strangers (2004)

  • 12. City Hall - Dreaming Through The Noise (2006)
    "I grew up playing classical music, but every now and then, I like to try something that tests my comfort level. This isn't quite a country song, unless it were `San Francisco country', but it's something new for me."

  • 13. Lu Dao Xiao Yiequ (The Little Ballad of Green Island, aka Green Island Serenade) - Warm Strangers (2004)
    "I notice that today's featured country in your Festival of Nations is Korea. I'm not Korean, though I'd like to be, for the occasion. I'm actually Chinese; my parents are from Taiwan. Here is a song from Taiwan; it's called lu4 dao3 xiao3 yie4 qu3."

After the concert, I got to meet her - she's not only extremely talented, she's very open and friendly with stories about her work. I asked her a bit about "Homecoming" and the story behind it.

One of the audience members would have attended her concert last night (Sunday) in Kansas City, but couldn't get into the club, because it was 21 and over! She drove all the way here to hear Vienna, who thanked her for coming. The young woman noted that Vienna isn't as well-known yet as many of her listeners would like her to be, and that more exposure on this tour would be a good thing. I concur; phenomenull, the friend who introduced me to her music, only heard about the concert after I told her Vienna was coming here on Monday!

I promised that there'd be at least one more blog entry about her music after her performance on our campus, and of course I'm not stopping here. :-)

Apropos of my first post, here's an icon that reminded me of "Gravity" as soon as I saw it:

It isn't exactly a songset, but I'm sure one could easily make many fandom songsets for Doctor Who, Lost, etc. using her lyrics.

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