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The Gibsonian Mythos II: The Yeastrix Reloaded

"I'm a humanist! I only provide the ideas." -borgseawolf

    "It's substance driven by style. Of course it doesn't make sense. Thinking about it will only ruin things." -digby_tantrum

"Plot device, is all." -anim8t0rboi

    "When I start trying to make it make scientific or technical sense, the story won't hold, and isn't enjoyable." -myng_rabbyt

The above is from the post "The Yeastrix Has You", dated 26 Sep 2004, in which I complain about the shoddy "humans as batteries" premise of The Matrix, for the apparent reason that anything else would be too complicated for the audience to grasp, or detract from the artistic value of the film. I didn't buy it then, and I still don't, because as I claimed, it's the storyteller's job to devise plot elements that are neither so convoluted as to dispel the illusion for sheer intricacy, nor so simplistic or implausible that they dispel it for sheer stupidity.

That is why we call them devices, isn't it?

Fast-forward two years: now taiji_jian is the one imputing a misapprehension of the concept of willingly suspended disbelief to me. Hey, I don't mind; nearly everyone is told at some point that they have no sense of humor, and this is little different. I don't think it reflects badly on your imagination for human batteries to jar you out of a story you could otherwise get on board with (even for a few seconds), any more than you should be able to sleep through massive turbulence on an airplane. (Oh, BTW: to be fair, borgseawolf's remark is meant somewhat tongue-in-cheek.)


Tags: cyberpunk, fiction, literature

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