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Nanocomputing, Part I: November problems

Thanks to all who have helped with previous issues, which I posted on:

AVI codecs for Windows Media Player

Besides the one in DivX, is there a "LOL HDTV" AVI codec for WMP?

Quirk in Jabber plug-in for Trillian Pro

Jabber in Trillian Pro seems to make a small "Xdata" window pop up. This just started happening after months of clean use. Any idea what I can do to turn it off?

Mixing DIMM sizes in a notebook computer

Can one mix memory sizes in a ThinkPad with two DIMM slots (A31p)? I have 1Gb of PC2700 Kingston RAM and 256 Mb of PC2700 IBM RAM.

Tags: computer hardware, computer problems, investments

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