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Moon River, brighter than a phial

I'm filling in today for istari_ala in her AFT highlights community, aft_tolkien.

I don't think I shall ever be able to hear "Moon River" again without thinking "Poo River". It's a long story...

Context: It burbled oot during a reply to a discussion about how t.A.t.U was a sign of how the world was going up Poo River (one of A. A. Milne's less popular boonks).

Pooooo RIIIIverr
Wider than two kloms
I'm crossing yew with bombs

And slime-covered
Wherever you're oozing
I'm cruising awaz...

Two bwatses
Who make fllos of the world
There's such a lont of world
To fllo...

We'll listen to some teuncy tunes
Ancient Finnish runes
My TEUNC waspbewwy loons
Poo River ain't cllo...

Pooooo RIIIIverr
Wider than two klicks
More trasky than the Styx?
I'll saz!

(repeat rest)


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