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Thanksgiving of the People, by the People, for the People

Thanksgiving dinner this year promises to be a memorable affair. Ever since spending a fortnight eating nothing but turkey to reduce a 30-lb. Butterball they picked up one year, they've been chary of getting whole turkeys.

Instead, we got just 5 pounds of whole turkey breast to roast. I think we'll add stuffing and gravy to that, but the rest is all Chinese fare:

  • thick green vegetable stir fried with garlic

  • dried tofu stir fried with hot chili and pork

  • garlic shrimp with green peppers and hot red chilies

  • orange roughy in sweet tomato sauce with water chestnuts

  • turnip soup with quail eggs, tofu, ham, and bamboo shoots

Edit, 05:30 CST Wed 29 Nov 2006: Add a dry Napa valley red from 2002 that a thoughtful guest brought, and it all turned out quite nicely. After dinner we sat down to a dessert of honey crisp apples, jumbo red grapes, and both pumpkin and pecan pie (the former brought by another guest), with a special Gevalia Kenyan coffee blend.

Tags: dinner, food, thanksgiving

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