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Nanocomputing, Part II: Bananet

Thanks to all who have helped with previous issues, which I posted on:

Thanks in particular to all who continue to respond to my computer questions, especially taiji_jian.

This week, I am trying to do the following:

Mapping port ranges to dedicated static IPs

Set up a dedicated IP so that I can SSH to (say) on a port p, and the gateway of my home systems will receive the request on a static IP.

Port forwarding to a router

Use the machine name (numerramar) to route the requests on p to a machine-specific port so that port-range redirection kicks in on my Linksys WRT54G combo router.

Intercepting requests on a port and translating to SSH

Piggyback on web-friendly ports: that is, intercept requests on a port (say, 8080) and translate them to SSH packets. (Edit, 06:00 CST Wed 29 Nov 2006 - I have it on good authority that this is not possible without a nameserver sitting on a static IP. Is leasing a dedicated one the only way to do this?)

I still want to go completely do-it-yourself (DIY) on hosting, so that or whoever sells me the IP is doing only that (and not renting me rack-mount server cycles and space, at least for now).

Any ideas or provider recommendations?

Tags: computer networking, computer problems, computer questions, security

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