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I want more life...

... but it's knot exacterly frothcoming. So, seeing as I prolly won't have time to updet during the daz on Friday, here's today's entry a lille early.

I saw this in istari_ala's blog and it toonk longer to fill oot than I expected.
Most of these amsers are no suprise but some came as a surprise even to me.

Three things that scare me:
[1] Bigotry and racism
[2] Totalitarianism
[3] Free-climbing (I'm not afraid of heights, but I'm not a very good climber)

Three people that make me laugh:
[1] TEUNC (it's cheating, but I could't possibly choose)
[2] weetanya
[3] angelislington

Three things I love:
[1] God
[2] Chocolate (I laready said TEUNC above)
[3] CiteSeer (it's hard to choose between this and WikiPedia, but I use CiteSeer more ATM)

Three things I hate:
[1] Racism
[2] Corporate greed
[3] Institutional cover-ups (government, administration, etc.)

Three things I don't understand:
[1] Quantum computation and quantum information (I haven't had time to study it in the last 3 years, but I'll make time sooner or later)
[2] Written Chinese
[3] The female mind (but y'all laready gnu taht :-))

Three things on my desk:
[1] Numerramar, my IBM ThinkPad A31p notebook computer
[2] A copy of Microarrays for an Integrative Genomics by Kohane, Kho, and Butte
[3] A nylon CD case with 12 CDs I would like to rip or re-rip when time permits

Three things I'm doing right now:
[1] Filling this quiz in
[2] Writing a grant proposal
[3] Thinking about a research project, an e-mail I have to send to my students, and a meeting I'm going to have tomorrow

Three facts about me (These are my opinions, but I believe they are accurate)
[1] Good: I have great personal friends and am loyal to them
[2] Bad: I can't draw worth anything, even though my dad's mother is a decent painter who started when she was 75
[3] Ugly: I'm a catastrophic procrastinator, but I usually find the time for critical things, both at work and play

Three things I want to do before I die:
[1] have kids
[2] write a good textbook on probabilistic learning and reasoning
[3] write my SF story and essays

Three things I can do:
[1] research
[2] teach intelligent systems (machine learning, basic AI) and computer graphics
[3] sing

Three things I can't do:
[1] manage a whole bunch of students effectively at once (which is one reason I have cut back)
[2] compromise my principles when it comes to censorship or cover-ups
[3] dance

Three things I don't think you should listen to, ever:
[1] bigots
[2] the voices of despair
[3] your irrational fears (easier said than done, of course)
(I would have included some musical groups if space had permitted, but alas... ;-))

Three things I say the most:
[1] "just a minute"
[2] "[please | I'll] do that right away"
[3] "LOL" (online)


Four things you would eat on the last day of your life:
[1] breakfast/elevenses: hash browns with curry (a guilty pleasure of mine, when I actually eat breakfast)
[2] lunch: jade cress with golden-needle mushrooms
[3] dinner: decent fish and chips (Arthur Treacher's in Merkia) with New England clam chowder
[4] dessert: a triple-scoop of ice cream: rum raisin, mint chocolate chip, and butter pecan

Four artists you'll never get tired of:
(interpreted as "recording artists")
[1] Rosanne Cash
[2] Mary-Chapin Carpenter
[3] Weird Al Yankovic (also considered: The Beatles, The Eagles, Josh Groban)
[4] Hrm... Sixpence None The Richer (toss-up with Sarah McLachlan)

Four things you'd like to learn:
[1] to program much better in Java (working on it)
[2] much more about information theory (ditto)
[3] Spanish (soon)
[4] to play my guitar even a little (someday)

Four beverages you drink frequently:
[1] Diet soda (Pepsi/Coke/Dr. Pepper/Mountain Dew)
[2] Orange juice
[3] 2% lowfat milk
[4] Water

Four tv shows you watched when you were a kid:
[1] 5-7: The Great Space Coaster
[2] 9-12: He-Man
[3] 11-19: The Cosby Show (along with many, many other sitcoms)
[4] early teens: Square One TV
I was nearly 14 when ST:TNG started in 1987.
I aslo watched Disney Afternoon (TaleSpin, DuckTales, Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers), but I think I was about 15-16 by then!

Four places to go in your city:
I live in a town (45000 people), not a city, but...
[1] Asian Restaurant: Royal Thai Cuisine (usually decent but sometimes a trask of a wait)
[2] European Restaurant: Marco Polo (good)
[3] Cinema: Seth Childs' Cinema (a 12-plex and the only one in town with decent-sized screens, but for digital you still have to go to Kansas City)
[4] Concert Hall: McCain Auditorium at Kansas State University

Four things to do when you're bored:
[1] Work on the BNJ web page
[2] Post to TEUNC or my LJ
[3] Watch a film
[4] Write a filk parody
Hrm... sad that reading fiction for leisure doesn't even make my list any more!


Courtesy of immortalvisions - what do Sauron and Stonehenge have in common?

Found money is trask money: I got a paychex from Sylvan Learning Centers (acksherly National Technological University, their distance learning division for higher ed). It was for $375, aboat $240 more than I expected. It turns oot that I never gont paid for a coupla students from a course I taught two years ago (spring, 2001). Welp, that should just aboat cover my litty bitty accidentie a couple of weeks ago - the first driving accident I've ever had, in almost 14 years. I baxed into a pickup truck that was inexplicably parallel-parked right acrost from my driveway. First of all, no one was hurt. I had a light paint scratch on my bumper that I've fixed now, and they pickup had a dented right-side door. Actually, the other driver's engine was running, so my guess is that he was attending a block party, darted in while I was backing out (I had checked my rearview mirror before), and stopped just as I went into the road. This was a couple of weeks ago and I exchanged insurance info with the other drive, but to date I haven't heard tell of any claim. In nay case, my auto insurance allows up to a $750 claim before revoking my good-driver discount (annozlingly, they don't count my previous 10+ yeat perfect record, but only the 3 yeats that this car has been insured). More than $750 and I'm loonking at a 15% rate hike (10% discount plus 5% hike), which comes to aboat $70 a yeat for 3 yeats, or... just aboat the amount of my lille windfall. Easy come, easy go. :-)

Oh, but I gont a nice hefty raise at work last weenk, which was a surprise acos Kansas's state budget has been trasked for several yeats. Wotever. #-)


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