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JCMC Special Issue on Social Networks: People, Practice, and Culture

Special Theme Issue of the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication
Social Network Sites: People, Practice, and Culture

Guest Editors:

  • danah boyd, University of California-Berkeley

  • Nicole Ellison, Michigan State University

I first heard of this a bit too late to develop our work on data mining using the LiveJournal friends network into something that fits, but it looks to be an interesting issue.

Did anyone reading this submit something? I'd be curious to hear from those who are publishing an article in this or a similar venue.

Edit, 06:10 CST Tue 19 Dec 2006 - I did send in an abstract, but it looks as if they are looking for more the sociocultural angle rather than purely technical KDD and machine learning research.

There's a Yahoo Group, sns-researchers, that danah started for the social network community. It's just getting off the ground now.

Tags: journals, livejournal, research, social networks

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