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Great Plains Network Workshop: Global Environment for Network Innovations (GENI)

GENI: Global Environment for Network Innovations

A Workshop for Great Plains Network Consortium Members

Hosted by the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Kansas State University
Corporate Partner: The Ciena Corporation

Report: I attended the AM sessions of this and stayed until the conference call with NSF. Several presentations were given by researchers at other campuses and by Gurdip Singh, one of our network and distributed systems faculty. martin_samuel joined us during the midmorning break, and weninger came during the lunch break. We had some discussions about current research projects and opportunities, and I discussed work on human language technologies (HLT), social networks, and distributed multi-agent learning. I also talked with the small groups about our bioinformatics (especially NSF FIBR) and computational physics (especially NSF ITR) projects.

There was some interested in the distributed computing aspects of the ITR and social networks work. For some reason, the bioinformatics discussions met with less enthusiasm (from my POV, at least). Perhaps we aren't presenting a clear distributed computing angle when it comes to machine learning: I got a similar response even with the information extraction and dynamic indexing aspects of HLT.


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