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The Hollywood Nutcracker

I went to see this tonight with a friend and colleague from Modern Languages:
The Hollywood Nutcracker
The State Street Ballet of Santa Barbara, California

A funny, sophisticated, joie de vivre version of the quintessential holiday treat that is wholesome enough for three-year-olds. Choreographer Rodney Gustafson holds true to tradition and classical ballet while drawing inspiration from 1930's Hollywood — the time of Garbo and Grable, Swanson and Cagney — and brings all the elements of the beloved story to life with wit and style as a silver screen spectacular. Luxurious Art Deco dreamscapes, glamorous costumes, and Disney-esque adventures enhance the grandeur of Tchaikovsky's score without gimmicks. Quickly becoming a classic, State Street Ballet's Nutcracker is a happily-ever- after tale that dazzles.

Here is a video excerpt.

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