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Honk if you Love Ubuntu

I've been gradually converting all my spare home systems to Ubuntu.

Recently, I got some nifty swag from Canonical that looks sort of like this:

One of these went on the back of Numerramar, one between its keyboard and LCD panel, and one on the back of Rochallor, my 2007 Honda Civic Hybrid. Of course, since it has a metal faceplate that reads "Hybrid", I now apparently own an Ubuntu Hybrid.

ETA, 06 Nov 2008: Would you believe nobody even asked about it until I pointed it out? Granted, I seldom even drove that car to campus and never parked it there. Eventually the sticker got old - Canonical didn't print them with waterproof ink or paper, so apparently they're not meant as bumper stickers. I took it off, but not before photographing them. Then I downloaded them to Hirilonde. Then WiFi got turned off on Hirilonde for some reason, and the CD/DVD drive and audio card started developing problems, so I tried to reinstall Vista. At this point I've rolled back to WinXP SP3 on the old 40Gb drive that came with Hirilonde and the photos are inaccessible. I think the moral is clear.

Tags: cars, computer problems, linux, photography, ubuntu

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