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As you may have seen in this blog before, my dad planted a lot of fruit trees, a magnolia, and a redbud tree in the front yard. My prize specimen, though, is a nice Autumn Glory maple in the front yard, which I call Telperion. Now, what I really wanted to do when I moved here in 1999 was to grow some hardwood for making bows with: Osage Orange, Mulberry, and maybe Black Locust, Ash, or Walnut. (Yew wood is overrated for backyard silviculture: if you doubt this, look up the maturation rates and marvel no more at the price of yew staves on eBay.)

The problem for me is that even if I stay in Manhattan for 20 years or for the rest of my career, I won't stay in this house. I thought about renting a plot at some orchard or grove, but I have no idea how to do that. The goal would be to germinate some seedlings over the next seven years and harvest the trees in ten to twenty-five years. Any ideas?

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