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The David E. Kelley School of Advising: YouTube Blogging

David E. Kelley is the creator and producer of many television shows in the "legal drama" genre, such as L. A. Law, The Practice, Ally McBeal, and Boston Legal. He also created a show I liked very much, Boston Public.

Now, those of you who know me well in person, or even online, probably know that I am given to hyperbolic expressions and analogies. Many of you have scratched your head at some allusion or other and said, "whatchu talkin' 'bout, Bana?". Well, now that we have this nifty little tool called YouTube, I thought I would set some of these questions to rest with an occasional videoblog entry in what I call the "David E. Kelley School of Advising" series. This is really what plays through my inner mind when I make allusions.

For example, what is the David E. Kelley School of Advising? Well, on Ally McBeal, the introspections and reactions are shown onscreen in various humorous ways, such as this:

That's about what I used to look like getting ready for a defense or presentation (and probably still do, sometimes).

So now, when I feel jubilantly bloodthirsty, I don't have to write ROMA VICTOR!, and when I'm about to go ballistic, I don't have to express my rage with ALDKJHAFKL;ASAFJAFALJ. I can just post one of these! It'll be my "Darmok".

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