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Project Kaos

Elric of Melniboné, last of the Bright Emperors, cried out, and then his body collapsed, a sprawled husk beside its comrade, and he lay beneath the mighty balance that still hung in the sky. Then Stormbringer’s shape began to change, writhing and curling above the body of the albino, finally to stand astraddle it. The entity that was Stormbringer, last manifestation of Chaos which would remain with this new world as it grew, looked down on the corpse of Elric of Melniboné and smiled. "Farewell, friend. I was a thousand times more evil than thou." And then it leapt from the Earth and went spearing upwards, its wild voice laughing mockery at the Cosmic Balance, filling the universe with its unholy joy.

(c) 1994 Gerald Brom. See this gallery for more Elric art.

Yes. Yery yes.

Project Kaos is my continuing project to supply the KDD Lab with eight (or more) inexpensive but high-value desktop PCs that dual-boot Microsoft Windows Vista Business and Ubuntu Linux. It was originally conceived as a Vista Ultimate and Ubuntu system, but there isn't that much difference (mainly Media Center), and we have unlimited research-and-education licenses of Business.

ETA, 16:20 CDT Mon 10 Nov 2008 - I originally planned to build 10 of the things for about $4000. I ended up putting about $11000 into the first batch, though, because I rashly got parts on eBay - most of which were OK but obsolete, plus a batch of processors that were dead-on-arrival (DOA). taiji_jian and others tried to warn me, but I had already charged ahead and placed orders by the time I even divulged the project to them.

Eventually I put $14000 into Project Kaos and got about 18 working systems, two of which have now gone kaput and 16 of which are still working. We also picked up a few freebies around this time.

Tags: computers, fantasy, science fiction

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