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The GAP-clothed masses

One of angelislington's threads has been generating no small amount of bamuzzlement:

I think geek boys like geek girls, and geek girls like geek boys, but it's real hard to find each other among the Gap-clothed, N*Sync-listening ordinary masses.
- ladystained (reply)

Truer words were ne'er sporken.

Hmm. I don't know whether I, as an extremely geeky boy, should be amused, peeved, or ecstatic.
I think I'll settle for - there is absolutely nothing wrong with pouncing cute geekyboys.

- kefiv
(Yee. Wot he said.)

This entry is a lille baxdated. Chalk it up to my quality of life being nonexistent at the moment due to an avalanche of deadlines coming dwon on me. Who knew summertime could be this busy? (Wlokay, I knew, but still... #-))


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