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Vert odd...

I spent a whole day last spring (2002, knot 2003) retyoping a paper of mine from my undergrad days titled Automatic Synthesis of Compression Techniques for Heterogeneous Files, and now someone has managed to obtain the PostScript file, distill it to PDF, and upload it to CiteSeer.

Back in March of 2002, I'd called the publisher (who had sent me the galley proofs) and the editor-in-chief (to whom I'd sent the final revision for review), and both replied that they only kept PostScripts and PDFs for 2-3 years. Hrmphl. And in this modern age.

Nayone know a goond way to merge the entries in CiteSeer, or coax the webcrawling engine into doing it?
I know some trix that work with Google, but I can't even get CiteSeer to assimilate lal my regular papers fro life or t*****.


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