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At One Remove: Cleaning Up Windows Vista (and Windows XP)

I've been trying to clean up Hirilonde (my notebook computer) and Osse (my desktop PC) this week. Here's what I'm working on:

  • Removing startup items judiciously. What do you use to clean your startup menus in XP? In Vista, if you use it? Do you just go edit the startup folder? I really can't stand scouring the registry, and my Aura of Trask tends to make that a little dangerous anyway.

  • Uninstalling legacy packages (Mozilla, etc.). I have a lot of redundant packages, which wouldn't be such a burden if they didn't all want to launch little startup services and put updaters in my system tray.
    What have you replaced your old browser with? Are you all Firefox now, or do you have a good secondary one with good tabbed browsing and bookmark support? By "good", I mean better than IE. :-)

  • Making documents appear in the Recent Items menu of Vista. For some reason, documents I recently opened don't all appear there. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

Tags: computer problems, computer questions

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