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Brain-Traskin' Blues

B. B. King is featured on a Nick At Nite rerun of The Cosby Show this evening, so...

Well tonight I used LATEX (harmonica riff)
And I made me a file (harmonica riff)
And I put it in FastLane (harmonica riff)
Done took me a while (harmonica riff)

Well, I found me a typo (harmonica riff)
And it made me whine (harmonica riff)
Acos wouldn't yew know, oh, (harmonica riff)
Distiller's gone offline!

I got them brain-bashin', cane-traskin',
Grant... proposal... blues!

Now who says computer tronkies can't sing the blues?

The "button" has been pressed!
That is, my grant proposal (the one that has eaten my life whole for the last two monthsyears) went out around 17:00 today.
It's nice to be able to sleep and shower and eat on a regular schedule again, is wot.

In Saturday's news: gaydar said to have low precision and recall

Picked up from the LJ of bobbotron, a bayesnets user: Arkady, is that you?


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