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Found Munny Is Trask Munny, redux

I went down to State Farm insurance this afternoon around 15:00 and discovered that my litty bitty accidentie (backing into a stopped pickup that had just driven up to my neighbor's house) cost $950 in body work.
So much for the "minor accident" clause, wherein one accident is excused if the total claim is under $750.
That was my first and only accident in my entire driving history of lamost 14 years, traskit.
Wot's worse, I learned that my accident-free discount has only been counted since 1999 acos that was when I foficiously started owning my first car! Grr. I have been driving since 1989-1990. If only they'd given me my own policy bax then, I could have been on a 10-yeat-clean rate lal along, even fater my mom's car was struck in 1990.

Bottom line: the 10% "accident-free discount" plus 5% surcharge will cost about $240 for a single car, about $400 for two cars, over the 3 years it'll take me to wipe the slate clean. (If I'd had the 10-yeat-clean rate it'd have been a 20% discount, but it would take 6 yeats to get bax to 15% and 10 to get bax to 20%.)

On a teuncier note, I asked them to change my homeowner's insurance deductible from $250 to $1000 acos a hobbit hole doesn't need wind/hail insuranceI have a $1180 deductible on wind/hail insurance nazwaz, and unless the Count comes to visit me, I dknot have to wrroz aboat fire. That lowered my annual rate from $705 to $580. So, I'll save about $375 over 3 years. I prolly wouldn't have gone in to change the deductible if it weren't for my trying to forestall an auto insurance premium hike. So, it balances out. Easy come, easy go, eh?

In other news:
Chapter 18 of Shire Murder Mysteries: Deeath of an Heir will shortly be posted to AFT. [Edit: done, and linked.]
I've opened The J. K. Rowling Harry Potter Collection, Boxed Set: His First Three Years at Hogwart's.
I'll prolly start reading Year 1 (HP and the Philosopher's Stone) tomorra, and will prolly be into Goblet of Fire by the time I go to Acapulco on the 6th of August. I'm a fairly slow reader of finction.


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