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Pet Poll Follow-up: Exotic Pets

If you could have any pet from the "rare and unusual" list in my pet poll:

  • Non-dog canine (wolf, fox, coyote, etc.)

  • Wildcat or great cat (tiger, lion, hybrid)

  • Non-horse/pony equid (donkey, zebra)

  • Camelid (camel, dromedary, llama, alpaca)

  • Non-domesticated even-toed ungulate (deer including elk/moose, antelope, giraffe, hippopotamus, etc.)

  • Marsupial (oppossum, wombat, koala, kangaroo, wallaby, etc.)

  • Cetacean (whale, dolphin, porpoise)

  • Arachnid (spider, tarantula, scorpion)

  • Crustacean (crab, lobster, "Sea Monkeys" or other brine shrimp), mollusc (snail, giant oyster) or other non-insect, non-arachnid arthropod (centipede, millipede, etc.)

  • Crocodilian (alligator or crocodile)

  • Flightless bird (kiwi, weka, penguin)

  • Monotreme (platypus, echidna)

What would it be?

(Suppose for the sake of discussion that you had an unlimited budget and that the organism could be housed anywhere, by itself.)

What if you were allowed to keep more than one of the pet, or to prepare it to be returned to the wild (if it was a wild animal)?

What if you had to keep them in your house? What would you choose then?

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