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The Pirates of Penguinance, and Neskimo Kisses

The Pirates of Penguinance
04 Jun 2003 by Rick Moen and Karsten Self
to the tune of "I Am The Very Model of A Modern Major-General" (from Gilbert and Sullivan's The Pirates of Penzance)
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<a href=""><b><i>The Pirates of Penguinance</i></b></a>
04 Jun 2003 by Rick Moen and Karsten Self
to the tune of <a href="">"I Am The Very Model of A Modern Major-General"</a> (from Gilbert and Sullivan's <a href=""><i>The Pirates of Penzance</i></a>)
[<a href="<a href="">References at <i>C|Net News</i></a> || <a href=""><i>ZDNet</i> columns: news and editorials</a> || <a href=""><i>Linux Weekly News (LWN)</i> coverage</a>]

<i>I am the very model of an <a href="">SCO</a> executive.
<a href="">Our market share is miniscule</a>; <a href="">our losses are consecutive</a>.
But from <a href="">our labs deep in U-T</a>, you very soon will surely see
The <a href="">ultimate</a>, the <a href="">pinnacle</a>, in high-technolo-<a href="">barratry</a>.
<a href="">"Live free or die" philosophies</a> are very well, but still, you see:
<a href="">Our contracts and our trade secrets</a> <a href="">make Unix seem our property</a>.
<a href=",14179,2914364,00.html">Never mind what we really own</a> (<a href="">a question not rhetorical</a>):
We have <a href="">thirty thousand contracts</a>, though <a href="">most are quite historical</a>.</i>

<a href="">Acquisition history of <b>S</b>anta <b>C</b>ruz <b>O</b>perations (SCO), a subsidiary of Caldera</a>

It occurs to me that this picture depicts what could be classified as an Eskimo kiss:
<img src="" alt="[ Eowyn and Faramir ]">
(Watercolor painting by the amazzling Anke-Katrin Eiszmann, copied from <a href="">Elfwood</a>)


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