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The Tyranny of the Default

Error updating journal: Incorrect time value: You have an entry which was posted at 2008-11-22 09:00, but you're trying to post an entry before this. Please check the date and time of both entries. If the other entry is set in the future on purpose, edit that entry to use the "Date Out of Order" option. Otherwise, use the "Date Out of Order" option for this entry instead.

What the crap is this? All those Time Drols in their t.a.r.d.i.Ses, you don't bother them about dropping in, but poor unsuspecting bloggers have to waste precious time with your foolish consistency?

What are you worried about? Will some horrible spamdalek inundate the friends' pages of unsuspecting LJ users with a pandemic of posts, all out of order? Anachronism is next to anarchy! Whatever will we do?

Seriously, I do despise conformity in defaults for its own sake. You're not going to prevent abuse of flexibility by taking it away as a default, so just give it to the user and we'll thank you for it!

A foolish consistency is the Uruk of tiny minds! Or something like that.

Tags: blogging, livejournal, rants

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