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Woodrow Wilson's "The Fear of Monopoly", 1912

Here's a little video that one of my students, Ben Perry, digitized for me back in 2003:

The campaign of 1912 pitted four remarkable men against each other for the presidency, all of them with significant reform backgrounds. William Howard Taft, the incumbent, had the support of the regular Republicans and of some of the old-guard Progressives. Theodore Roosevelt was backed by most of the Progressives, who had banded together to organize the rump Republican "Bull Moose" Party. Eugene Debs was the Socialist candidate. And Woodrow Wilson, the enlightened governor of New Jersey, ex-professor of political science and ex-president of Princeton University, was the choice of the Democrats. Failing at first to find an issue with which to stir the voters, Wilson was persuaded by Louis D. Brandeis to stress the problem of the trusts, and with his oratorical gifts he was able to turn it into what was almost a one-man crusade. A portion of Wilson's campaign speech at Lincoln, Nebraska, delivered on October 5, 1912, is reprinted here.
        - Encyclopedia Britannica

It's interesting to read the complete speech today and reflect on how it may apply to modern software monopolies. (An excerpt appears in the Encyclopedia Britannica article above.)

ETA, 21:20 CST Mon 24 Nov 2008: Cross-posted to teunc (here) and Facebook (here), on Thu 26 Jul 2007. The YouTube codecs are a little laggy; you can download the original .mov file from here.

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