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TEUNC Caht: The One with The Lovecraftian Moot

TEUNC Caht, Sun 27 Jul 2003
The League of Extraordinary TEUNCs: H. P. Lovecraft-themed TEUNCmoot

Hashberry: Rootmoot
Count Menelvagor: Ho_Grapheus

[19:11] <Banazir> Oh, why don't we just have an Arkham moot and be done with it?
[19:12] <Rootmoot> I wish!
[19:12] <Banazir> Go see some Deep Ones, take a day trip to Exham Priory, then overnight in Innsmouth
[19:12] <Rootmoot> Ok, got to make sure who wants to see medical stuff
[19:13] <Ho_Grapheus> where's Arkhma, what, whty?
[19:13] <Rootmoot> Arkham Asylum
[19:13] <Rootmoot> DC Universe
[19:13] <Rootmoot> :)
[19:13] <Banazir> Morgil will trask himelf, I will become a Deep One, Hax will read the Necronomicon and go "oh my GOODNESS", and Yoj will summon Nyarlathotep
[19:13] <Rootmoot> lollloo!
[19:14] <Ho_Grapheus> hmm
[19:14] <Banazir> Tamf and Menny will dedicate their child to Cthulhu, Ermanna will give birth to the spawn of Yog-Sothoth, Ala will take everyone on a Shoggoth pub vrawl
[19:15] <Rootmoot> Must go Zzzz now.
[19:15] * Tripitaka wants to read the Necronomicon
[19:15] <Denise> night hashie!
[19:15] <Rootmoot> Early giddyuppy
[19:15] <Rootmoot> Night youse!
[19:15] <Tripitaka> And Cultes des Ghouls
[19:15] <Tripitaka> And Unaussprechliche Kulten
[19:15] <Banazir> Gnught, Hax
[19:15] * Denise waits to hear what is in store for me...
[19:15] <Banazir> Trippy will discover that Uncle Stanley was an incarnation of Hastur and that CTY was founded by Azathoth's minions
[19:15] * Rootmoot has quit IRC (Quit: Quit, not wuit!)
[19:15] <Tripitaka> G'night!
[19:15] <Ho_Grapheus> ngutho!
[19:16] * Tripitaka imagines Bana swimming in the deep waters off the barrier reef
[19:16] <Banazir> Baggy will paint his own demise at the hands of a winged monstrosity
[19:16] <Tripitaka> With giant, bulging eyes
[19:16] <Banazir> Denise will stumble across the transactions among the brain-thieves and the alien invaders
[19:17] <Denise> eeks!
[19:17] <Banazir> Nick will be projected into the age of the Great Race
[19:17] * Tripitaka skirls madly on a blasphemous drone to a nameless tune
[19:18] <Banazir> Pradera will be possessed by the spirit of MON
[19:18] * Tripitaka accepts a non-Euclidean coin from a passing eldritch Horror
[19:18] <Banazir> Demos will chat endlessly with someone in another time zone... in another time
[19:18] <Tripitaka> MON-El of Krypton!
[19:18] <Tripitaka> We all only *think* we're in the same dimension
[19:19] * Banazir changes topic to 'I will not change bodies with that bullet-riddled lich!'
[19:19] <Tripitaka> I once had in mind to write a Lovecraftian short story about the Round Towers of Bornholm
[19:20] <Banazir> DragnFlye will see a meteor hurtle into the wilds of BC
[19:20] <Tripitaka> But I recovered
[19:20] <Banazir> Gran will find rats in her walls and an ancient aborigine ruin in her basement
[19:20] <Banazir> Beornholm?
[19:21] <Tripitaka> How much longer must we put up with these scuttering jellyfish?
[19:21] <Tripitaka> Borgundar-holm
[19:21] <Banazir> Jellyrogs are Shoggoths
[19:21] <Banazir> Shroggoths
[19:21] <Tripitaka> Shoggothdelic
[19:21] <Tripitaka> !
[19:22] <Banazir> Softrat will eat a southern California state trooper and start gnawing on Graham's face
[19:22] <Denise> eeks!
[19:23] <Denise> not during socalmoot, please!
[19:23] <Tripitaka> That would be Erik Estrada?
[19:23] <Banazir> MOM will be visited by visions of Maine-that-Was
[19:23] <Banazir> No, the other C.H.I.P.
[19:23] <Tripitaka> Oh, the Nameless One
[19:24] <Denise> jon someone...
[19:24] <Tripitaka> HWINTBN
[19:24] <Banazir> Jon will write the obituaries of all the TEUNCs and start making them come true
[19:24] <Tripitaka> Then he will be eaten by an Eeel
[19:26] <Banazir> Yes
[19:26] <Tripitaka> Okay -- these sounds like excellent reasons to have an Arkham Muit
[19:26] <Banazir> Bernard El-Hagin will discover that he is a son of Yog-Sothoth and half-brother to Ermanna's demon bebe
[19:26] <Tripitaka> All in favor say Nay
[19:26] <Banazir> yay!
[19:27] <Tripitaka> Ermanna's not going to make it to Purgathory that way, Bana
[19:27] <Banazir> Hrm, but it's knot her fault!
[19:28] <Banazir> It's Yog-Sothoth's!
[19:28] <Tripitaka> Agnes of Yog
[19:28] <Banazir> Perhaps Maggie should bear the Spawn, then
[19:28] <Tripitaka> So why did she try to drop it into your Abyss, then?
[19:28] <Banazir> Drop wot?
[19:29] <Banazir> The Spawn?
[19:29] <Tripitaka> Only to discover that, at the tender age of six hours, it could already fly?
[19:29] <Banazir> Mazbe it was Maggie's
[19:29] <Banazir> Yeah, that demon bebe flew pteery wlel

(checking his mirror frequently)

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