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Browser Woes

I'm still trying to clean up Hirilonde and Osse and solve many other computer problems.

This week's bugbears have been mainly browser-related:

  • Google settings reverting spontaneously. Does anyone else have a problem when Google SafeSearch turns itself back on without your doing anything? I keep turning it off on Osse, and it keeps reverting. I can't imagine that this is due to any kind of campus or departmental policy, but it keeps reverting. For that matter, the number of hits to display on a page reverts along with SafeSearch.

  • Firefox tabs in WinXP Home SP3 freezing when backgrounded. Do you ever Ctrl-Tab away from a tab, or switch context (say, to Remote Desktop) and have a playing YouTube (say, a song) just stop?

  • Auto-completion failure. What makes form auto-completion stop working in Firefox? Sometimes I'll type and it will just not autocomplete any more, when it did just a day before. For example, it normally completes my "Tags" field in LJ, but right now it's not doing it. Is this a GDI resource thing? (I'm always out, or on the brink of running out, because I have so many Explorer and app windows open.)

Thanks to you all, as always.

Tags: computer problems, computer questions

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