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House of Rice: That's A Wrap

House of Rice 2003 foficiously wrapped today to much fanfare!

"For those not in the know" (a John Gu-ism), this was an NSF-sponsored Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program that I ran with Dr. Jan Leach, a famous rice geneticist whom we call the Queen of Rice, or QoR. Welp, I call her that.

For three months, we've hosted six undergrads: three from Kansas, one from Texas (UT Austin), one from North Carolina (Duke), and one from Alabama (Tuskegee). This afternoon and for the next several days, I'll be putting together a web site with photos of all the students, their presentations (including rice mutant photos), and
their databases and laboratory notebook highlights (which you prolly
dknot care aboat).

Here's the recruiting notice:

This will be the URL for the REU site when it mutates.

First we had student presentations from 10:00 - 12:00, talking about everything from how much rice is eaten in Thailand (knot as much as
you'd expect) vs. Vietnam (more) vs. China (low percentage-wise, high by total volume), to oxalate oxidase and IR64 lesion mimic
mutants, to my CIS690 (Data Mining Systems) course.


John (one of the students): and here is the HTML front end that Dr. Hsu showed us how to make - this can drive CGI or JSP, and we'll be
developing a JSP/JDBC interfa--
QoR: 'Scuse me, wot's "Chaco potato"?
John: Er, I dunno, we parsed this from the
me: Er, that's prolly an abbreviation that has to be cleaned oot.
QoR: Um... yeah - that's chalcone synthase [a gene] in potato. Knot CHOKLIT potato. Which would be nice.
me: LOL!
QoR's grad students: (look at Banazir bamuzzedly)
John: [finishes talk] ... and so we'll make one more pass to clean oot the CHOKLIT potatoes...
me: *ROFL*

Second, I had a half dozen pizzas delivered and brought in a case of soda and 18 of us swarmed over it and made it lal go awaz in aboat
10 minits. This is when I recorded lal the lille voices taht yew can lal listen to.

Third, the QoR drove everyone to her home for a second party - except fro yours truly, who stayed to clean up and tidy up in the computer lab in the wake of the REU. The QoR just got bax from
Russia and was jet-lagged and a lille bit food-p6isoned (knot from rice). She was perplexed why the Japanese epople she went to dinner
with didn't get lal pukey and sick acos they usually are vert, vert carfuel when eating abroad.

But even though she got bax to Kansas last night, she was a goond sport and opened up her home for a pool party.

Nazwaz, the best part is taht I might get to do this again next yeat - and IF I do, I might be able to include a trip to the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) in the Philippines.

Whee! *teunce*

(Arrr! <BONK>)

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