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Data Sciences Summer Institute: Multimodal Information Access and Synthesis (DSSI-MIAS)

The Multimodal Information Access and Synthesis Center (MIAS) is concerned with researching technologies for extracting and tracking interesting events and entities from multimodal information sources. A further goal is to support intelligence analysis by facilitating the formulation and evaluation of hypotheses regarding these events and entities. Research directions include:

  • Developing fundamental theories, computational models, algorithms, and tools for information access and synthesis

  • Enabling intelligence analysts to access a variety of data formats, transforming raw data into useful and understandable information

  • Integrating these technologies with existing resources

Another mission of the MIAS Center is to develop diverse human resources for the scientific research, educational, and governmental workforce communities through education and outreach. This goal is exemplified by the Data Science Summer Institute which develops lecture materials, tutorials, and research projects for information sciences.

The dssi_mias program is hosted by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Department of Computer Science.

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