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The Return Of The King, and a few hobbit flatcakes

Hrm, tonught I didn't go to caht. That's the first time in over a weenk. I've been vegging a bit (though I've aslo been working manically every morning and afternoon, as well as into the wee hours [1]).

I've seen the RoTK trailer; comments below.

Yay spoonky trees of Mordor!
Yay Gandalf the White's colloquial loonk! (charming!)
Yay durty Frodo! (sew durty!)
Yay determined Merry and grieving Pippin!

Boo Faramir's weird accent!
Yay sally!
Boo grimy Minas Tirith!
Yay Rohirric charge! (or is taht Imrahil?)
Boo Grond!
Yay Witch-king on fill baist trasking a WHOLE TOWER!

Yay Bana in tears!

Yay Anduril!
Boo snippage/trasking of Eomer's warcry!
Boo Gandalf vs. WK on fill baist!

In other news:

Courtesy of my newest LJ friend, vretallin, we learn that Kansas wreally is flatter than a pancake. (Wot does taht make East Central Illinois?)

CAVE TROLL: Rraaaaawrgh!
BANAZIR: Aaaaauuugh!

[1] /me 1f into the weenation fund.

(aye think i'm gettin' the hang o' this!)

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