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A new Red Songbook of Westmarch entry: U.R.U.K.

I'm bax! Travellogue entries will appear synchronously with new ones over the next week and a half.
Here's a new RedSOW I came up with today - feedback is appreciated!

to the tune of Y.M.C.A. (the Village People)
Sun 17 Aug 2003 by Banazir

Young orc, bow down to your Dark God
I said young orc, you were born from a pod
I said young orc, acos you're in a new bod
There's no need to be so trasky

Young orc, run down to Isengard
I said young orc, feed on sweet human lard
You can stay there, and I'm sure you will find
Many babies pickled in green brine

dum! dum! dum! dum! dum!

It's fun to be a big U-R-U-K
It's fun to be a big U-R-U-K, eh?
You can kill lots of tarks
You can brun hobbit parks
You can pillage the Riddermark!

Young orc, serve the Red Lidless Eye
I said young orc, he's a powerful guy
I said young orc, sure as fell beasts can fly
He'll bring Gondor down to its knees

Young orc, come with us to get sloshed
I said young orc, there's some man-flesh to nosh
I said young orc, just watch out for the ghâsh!
It'll brun you real fine and crispy

dum! dum! dum! dum! dum!

It's fun to be a big U-R-U-K
It's fun to be a big U-R-U-K, hey!
You can kill lots of Elves
Then we'll burn Rivendell
And we'll turn Middle-earth into Hell!
(Repeat to fade)


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