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DaVinci's notebook it ain't: "Faramir" or "Alcarondas"?

Our project sponsor at the Kansas Department of Transportation has graciously donated a set of surplus desktop PCs (Pentium III-550s) and a laptop computer (with a docking station) to my lab.

The PCs work fine and are 1999 models, equipped 10Gb SCSI drives and 128Mb of RAM. Let's just say the laptop is of an earlier vintage. :-)

It's a COMPAQ LTE 5250: P5-120, 32Mb RAM unless I miss my guess (later ones seem to have had 80Mb), BIOS circa 1997, and - get this - a 3.5" 50Mb hard drive. Yes, 50 megs. I'm shopping for an 810Mb replacement now so that I can put NetBSD or Linux on it.

All of my portable computers are named after ships from Tolkien's works: The Lord of The Rings, The Silmarillion, Unfinished Tales, and The History of Middle-earth. My first ThinkPad is Vingilot (S. "Foam-Flower") and my second is Númerrámar (S. "Wings of the West"). I wrestled for a minute with naming this plastic brick and decided to call it Alcarondas (S. "Castle of The Sea") in jest instead of ingraciously calling it Faramir (as in "not if I found it on the highway would I take it"). ;-)

P.S.: Go listen to this song ("Another Irish Drinking Song" from DaVinci's Notebook) fro some St. Patrick's Day, er, cheer. You have to love Irish drkinging songs that have "Hava Nagila" embedded in them, nesupasu? Thanks to Yoj fro sending the link to TEUNC. Beannachtaì na Fèile Pàdraig daoibh!


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